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Prenatal Care for Mothers

Prenatal care is a vital part to giving your baby the best start possible in life, and to keeping you healthy during pregnancy so you can enjoy the first weeks with your baby. Choose Lakeside Women’s Hospital in Oklahoma City to be your partner on this journey.

Our pregnancy doctors and prenatal specialists make exceptional care their priority every day. Regular medical care during pregnancy is highly recommended. The number of scheduled prenatal appointments depends on your medical history and whether you have any risk factors or complication. If you have a partner or labor coach, you may want him or her to come to some of your appointments.

Contact us today at 405-936-1000 to schedule an appointment. We also offer great prenatal classes, and are the premiere, mom-approved, labor and delivery center in Oklahoma City. 

Prenatal care before pregnancy
Most women begin to think about prenatal care once they are pregnant but you can start to prepare even before. Our Lakeside physicians help you plan, and can assist with challenges such as quitting smoking.

During the first trimester (through week 13)
You are likely to have your first prenatal visit at about week 8-10 of pregnancy. Your doctor may confirm the pregnancy, take a full medical history, give you a checkup and answer questions. You may hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Many mothers are also eager to see their fetus on the ultrasound. You may also be prescribed prenatal supplement or vitamins.

Unless there is reason for concern, a mom-to-be goes to prenatal appointments every four weeks during the first trimester.

Prenatal care during the second trimester (14 to 17 weeks)
During your second trimester, you will see your doctor about once a month. A number of additional tests and exams may be done. You may find out the sex of your baby during one of these visits.

The third trimester (week 28 through birth)
You'll be seen more often, typically once every two weeks until 36 weeks, and then weekly until the baby is born. In addition to your regular check-ups, you are likely going to discuss plans for the birth and more.

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