Lakeside Women's Hospital


Hospital Services

All services provided on the first floor of the hospital will be billed through Lakeside Women's Hospital. In addition services that are conducted at our North Shore building, Lakeside Women's Imaging, are billed through Lakeside Women's Hospital.

1. Lab Services

Lakeside Women's Hospital or the free-standing Laboratory, depending on insurance requirements and agreements, will bill services provided in the laboratory on the first floor. In addition, if your insurance company requires lab work be performed by a specific lab (Dynacare) the hospital will collect a $5.00 handling fee for the lab draw and the specimen will be sent to the appropriate lab for processing. If you do not want to pay the handling fee, you will be given a list of authorized lab drawing locations and you may have the service performed there if desired.

2. Radiology Services

All Radiology services (including Bone Density) are billed by Lakeside Women's Hospital. There are 2 components to Radiological Services:

  • Technical component - the charge is for the actual procedure, films, etc. (billed on a hospital claim form UB92)

  • Professional component- the charge is for the interpretation of the exam. This is done by a radiologist (billed on a physician claim form HCFA 1500)

3. Other Hospital Services All other hospital services such as outpatient surgery, inpatient admissions, non-stress tests, observations are billed by Lakeside Women's Hospital.

Non-Hospital Services

1. Physician Services

Other than the radiologist readings, the physician's professional services are billed separately. You will receive a separate bill from your Obstetrician, Gynecologist, Anesthesiologist, Pediatrician, Pathologist, or any other admitting or consulting physician.

2. Pap Smears

The Pap smear performed at the time of your gynecological exam by a physician will be billed through a separate lab facility known as Diagnostic Pathology.