Lakeside Women's Hospital

Please view our most recent Visitation Policy that includes restrictions to keep patients and caregivers safe through COVID-19.


Visiting a Patient

Visiting Hours

We understand how important the presence of loved ones is to our patients’ healing process. Lakeside Women's Hospital has an open visitation policy. This means that visitors are welcome at any time. We ask, however, that good judgment be used in deciding when and how long to visit patients. Most patients appreciate visits from family and friends but often tire easily during the recovery process following childbirth or surgery.

Visitors may stay overnight with patients. Each room is furnished with a special mini sofa/bed for this purpose. Young siblings must be accompanied by an adult (other than the patient/mother).

Patient Information

To contact a patient please call 936-1500.


Lakeside Women’s Hospital is located on the Hefner Pointe Medical Campus at 11200 Portland Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Guest Dining Services

Guests may purchase meals by informing a nurse or dietary facilitator in advance.

Area Restaurants

We have a list of restaurants located within a 3-mile radius of Lakeside. The nurses' station has menus you may view for these restaurants.

Note: Lakeside does not have a cafeteria on-site. The food you are served is provided by a selected restaurant located in the Metro.

Vending Machines

Visitors will find vending machines located near the reception desk in the front lobby. 

Complimentary Services

  • Hearing impaired/interpreter services
  • Internet/Wi-Fi
  • Pastoral Care

Safety & Security

Lakeside Women's Hospital strives to provide a safe and secure environment to you and your family. If you have or experience any security concern during your stay, please inform one of our team members immediately.