Lakeside Women's Hospital

Breast Surgery

At Lakeside Women’s Hospital each woman is treated compassionately, as an individual, with specific needs and goals.

Our surgical team recognizes the anxiety that may surround breast surgery and strives to make each woman’s surgical experience as comfortable as possible. INTEGRIS Health breast surgeons offer a complete spectrum of breast surgeries at Lakeside Women’s Hospital, ranging from simple excision of benign (noncancerous) breast lesions to more complex procedures for breast cancer and breast reconstruction.

Breast Clinical Services Offered:

  • Annual breast exams
  • Evaluation of benign breast conditions
  • Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Cancer risk assessment, genetic counseling and genetic testing
  • Nurse Navigators to coordinate multidisciplinary cancer care

Breast Surgical Services Offered:

  • Breast–conserving surgery (lumpectomy)
  • Oncoplastic procedures (combining lumpectomy with procedures such as breast reduction/breast lift for improved breast cosmetics)
  • Mastectomy, including preventive mastectomy for high risk patients
  • Nipple–sparing mastectomy
  • Implant-based breast reconstruction
  • Tissue-based breast reconstruction (immediate or delayed)
  • Breast brachytherapy
  • Sentinel node biopsy/axillary node surgery

Breast Cancer Surgery

Take a minute to explore what breast cancer services we offer and what might be the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

Lakeside Women's Hospital Radiology Services

We provide 2D and 3D mammography with new screening and diagnostic tools designed for early breast cancer detection.