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Prenatal Education Classes

We offer several prenatal education and childbirth classes in Oklahoma City for new parents. Topics include birth, breastfeeding, caring for you baby, and more. We even teach you infant CPR. The childbirth and baby care instructors at Lakeside Women’s Hospital are a team of experienced, enthusiastic and compassionate professionals who are ready to help you learn.

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The Birth of Your Baby

This Lakeside class is recommended for the fifth through eighth months of pregnancy. Bring two pillows to class and dress comfortably. Physical Aspects of Labor • Breathing / Relaxation • Cesarean Birth • Postpartum


Skills for Breastfeeding • What to Expect • Working and Breastfeeding • Info on Breast Pumps and Supplies

Caring For Your Baby

These topics involve baby and mother care after your delivery. This series is designed for the second trimester of your pregnancy. Infant Care • Parenting • Safety

Infant CPR

A class designed to teach emergency life support, proper techniques for choking,and warnings about safety for newborns and toddlers.

Infant Massage – Pre- and Postnatal

This class is designed to teach infant massage prior to your delivery using a simulated baby (help your baby to sleep better, be more relaxed and intellectually stimulated), as well as to teach you how to perform massage on your baby during those first important bonding months and years.

View All Lakeside Women's Hospital Childbirth Classes  

View All Lakeside Women's Hospital Childbirth Classes  

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